Garden Art

Wild Birds & Gardens has a stunning selection of garden art that simply must be seen to be appreciated. Stop by the store and immerse yourself in garden art from around the world.

Evergreen Flag & Garden Flags

Wild Birds & Gardens carries a wide variety of Evergreen flags. Pictured below are details of only a small sampling of the available designs.

Garden Art Folk Turkey
Garden Size Suede Flag
Garden Art Give Thanks Cornucopia
Garden Size Suede Flag
Garden Art

Turkey with Sunflower
Regular Size Silk Reflections Flag

Garden Art Christmas Eve
Regular Size Suede Flag
Garden Art Snowman and Feathered Friend
Regular Size Suede Flag
Garden Art Enchanted Santa
Silk Reflections House Flag

Picotte Windchimes

For over twenty years, Picotte Windchimes have been handcrafted in the mountains above Santa Barbara, California by the Picotte family of artisans. Every Picotte Windchime is handmade using only quality components entirely made in the USA. All Picotte chimes are individually made and tuned to the pentatonic scale to ensure a product of unmatched musicality and aesthetic appeal. Each note on every chime is made to produce a bell like resonance with the overtones of a musical instrument of the finest quality. Pay us a visit and listen to the wide selection of chimes we have available.

Garden Art Soprano Garden Art Alto Garden Art Bello Alto
Garden Art Tenor Garden Art Baritone Garden Art Bass

Beyond Borders Metal Wall Sculptures

In Haiti, the traditional art of converting oil drums into wall sculptures is a true mark of both man's imagination and his resourcefulness in the face of dire economic circumstances. The artisans who work with Beyond Borders are folk artists in the classic sense. They use materials around them in new and inventive ways to create wonderful pieces of art. At the same time they are able to create better lives for themselves and their families through trade. Whether it's a metal sculpture pounded out of a discarded oil drum or a glass vase shaped from a recycled soda bottle, the transformation results in fine, traditional folk art. Visit the store to see our wide selection. Your purchase directly helps the artists of Haiti.

Beyond Borders Scupltures


Designed by Kentucky artist Richard Kolb, Yardbirds® are metal sculptures that have a rich, natural patina and a distinctive appearance. Placed outdoors, both the rusted and bare metal characters will continue to rust and become a natural part of your garden, yard or deck decor. Each whimsical sculpture is handmade and imaginatively designed using recycled or rejected garden tools, bicycles, car parts and farm machinery parts. Below are a few of the many designs available.

Garden Art Wise Old Owl
9" x 11" x 15.5"
(Bare Metal Only)
Garden Art Large Quail
6" x 6" x 9"
Garden Art

Dog on a Hog
32" x 15" x 22"

Garden Art Pretty Peacock
22" x 36" x 36"
(Bare Metal Only)
Garden Art Box Rooster
18" x 18" x 21"
Garden Art Toad with Umbrella
10" x 19" x 27"