The Freshest Seed You Can Buy!

Wild Birds & Gardens prides itself on providing our customers the best seed money can buy. Skip the stale bird chow from the big box stores and offer your feathered friends a gourmet meal of the freshest seed available. Take advantage of our Bonus Program -- buy 10 bags* and get your 11th bag free!
*Bags must be at least five pounds to be eligibile for bonus.

Patio Mix

Patio Mix*
This is our top seller because it is a non-sprouting blend. Finches and Jays love the sunflower, ground feeders love the millet, and nuthatches love the peanuts!
Contains: Shelled Sunflower seeds, Peanut pieces and shelled Millet.

Trail Mix Trail Mix*
Tempt and satisfy your neighborhood Jays and squirrels with this human-quality non-sprouting mix.
Contains: Unsalted shelled Peanuts, Brazilian nuts, Pistachios, Walnuts, Almonds, Cashews and Pecans.
Garden Mix Garden Mix*
90% non-sprouting, this is a great blend for finches, sparrows and doves!
Contains: Shelled Sunflower seeds, shelled Millet and Safflower in the shell.
Nyger Thistle Nyger Thistle
Our non-sprouting Goldfinch favorite! This seed comes from out-of-country so it is heat treated to pass customs.
Contains: 100% Nyger Thistle.
Black Oil Sunflower Black Oil Sunflower
The #1 seed your feeder birds are after. Titmice prefer this one and it will also attract House Finches, Goldfinches, Jays and squirrels.
Contains: 100% Black Oil Sunflower seeds.
Sunflower Chips Sunflower Chips*
Our non-sprouting other best-seller and favorite among Goldfinches and House Finches, Jays, Doves and even squirrels.
Contains: 100% shelled Black Oil Sunflower seeds.
Birder's Choice Birder's Choice
This is an affordable seed blend that will accommodate all feeder birds. Finches and Jays love the Sunflower, ground feeders love the Millet, and the nuthatches love the Peanuts!
Contains: Black Oil Sunflower seeds, Peanut pieces and Millet.
Dove & Quail Mix Dove & Quail Mix
Our most affordable blend attracts all ground feeders including: Dove, Quail, Sparrows, Juncos, Towhee and even Brewer's Blackbirds.
Contains: Millet, Safflower, Cracked Corn and Wheat.
Cracked Corn Cracked Corn
Dried and ground Corn is great for all game birds. This is a nice substitute for all the pebbles and grit they swallow to help digest their food because it's easier on their system and it offers a little nutrition too.
Contains: 100% dried Corn.
Songbird Select Songbird Select
This is a good blend for smaller birds and finches.
Contains: Sunflower seeds and Safflower.
Peanuts in the Shell Peanuts in the Shell
Raw and unsalted, the squirrels and Jay family love these!
Contains: 100% raw and unsalted Peanuts.
Shelled Peanuts Shelled Peanuts*
This is a good non-sprouting nut for Woodpeckers, Jays and squirrels. And you don't have to worry about them being buried in your pots or gardens as a winter stash.
Contains: 100% unsalted shelled Peanuts.

*Non-sprouting. The shell contains all the nutrients a seedling needs to germinate, so if you take away the shell the seedling can't sprout!